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What is Virtual staffing?
Virtual staffing is one of the most innovative way of engaging global workforce and significantly reduce operations cost. Virtual staff works remotely as an extension to your team from our secured offshore centers in India. Except for remote location, virtual staff provides all the benefits like any other employee/contractor located in your office.
What benefits does virtual staffing provide?
  • Speed to market - improve your client SLA's or roll out new initiatives faster
  • Accessibility to hard-to-find skill sets and talent pool
  • Better coverage for your service levels , 24x7 off-hour support capabilities
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease virtual staff with minimal commitment
Is my data/IP secure?
Absolutely, our virtual staff works from secure offshore locations, which has many security features such as restricted access, disables external drives, activity monitoring software's and day to day oversight from offshore delivery managers. Also for most of the cases virtual staff works by login into your own corporate network remotely, so none of the data is moved out of your network ever.
How do you communicate with virtual staff?
We help you setup initial governance model, we identify frequency, model and tools to be used for seamless communication with virtual staff. You communicate with virtual staff using email, IM, Phone, Skype and video conferencing if needed. It is pretty much same as you communicate with onsite employees.
What type of staffing do you provide?
Our virtual staffing business model is flexible enough to hire any skillsets as per your requirements, from IT to HR, Accounting, procurement, sales & marketing. Virtual staff can be leveraged for any function which can be performed remotely.
Note below partial list of roles for business process, IT support and development:
  • HR generalists
  • Recruiters
  • Data entry operators
  • research analysts
  • Support Analysts
  • Customer support representatives
  • Java Developers
  • Web designers
  • .NET developers
  • SAP architect
  • TIBCO Developers
  • Testers
Do you manage Virtual staff?
Yes, based on engagement model selected we also provide day to day oversight and project management to ensure assigned tasks are completed successfully.
How many minimum virtual staff do i need to get started?
We provide most flexible model based on your needs, you can get started at just one virtual employee or you can outsource your end to end operations/project. Also our model provides flexibility to increase or decrease staffing for any seasonal peak and valleys.
Does virtual employee work during US day time?
Yes we can have offshore staff work during US day time too, based on type of work shift timings are agreed mutually, though most effective model is to have 2-3 hours overlap with US day time.
Will I have any local go to person in US for support?
Yes, this is one of our key differentiator, we provide dedicated account-relationship function based out of US so you always have local go to person for any support.
Any other questions?
please write us at and we will be glad to share more details.