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Innorico's virtual staffing framework leverages a scientific approach to identify offshorable components. We understand all details of your business or technology process and help you define tasks and activities which can be easily offshored. Our assesment framework rates processes or technology maturity to suggest a "level of offshorability" and the associated ROI/cost optimization with the right balance of risk, offshorability and ROI.
We do not believe that everything can be offshored, and we help clients identify the most relevant activities for virtual staff which will provide most ROI, greater cost optimization and ensure mutual success. At beginning of each engagement, we work in close collaboration with clients for this assessment.
The assessment framework considers the parameters given below in to identify offshorable component.
  • Business process or application maturity
  • Support needs
  • SLA's - Uptime, Resolution time, Response time
  • Client interaction frequency
  • Number of users
  • Criticality & business impact
  • Integration & interdependencies