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Our MPF helps to break down each job function in to smaller tasks, which helps you to identify the most relevant tasks to assign to the virtual staff. Our Micro Process Focus (MPF) framework enables you to identify offshorable components even for the most complex tasks and as an example even for integration architects, this proven approach can be applied to any business process or technology roles and functions.

We typically conduct the activities given below to identify repeatable, low-risk tasks and activities which can be easily done by virtual employees
  • Identify job or function scope
  • Break down typical activities in to smaller tasks
  • Identify typical % time spent on each task activities
  • Identify offshorable components for virtual staff
  • Help rearrange activities among onsite team. For example facing activities will be taken over by your onsite employee while back office activities will be assigned to virtual employees.
  • Have regular evaluation to optimize further and continue to engage virtual employees for more value added tasks as maturity and comfort increases.

This framework ensures our client start with low-risk tasks and move up the value chain based on their comfort and adaptability to the global delivery model.