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Innorico believes in optimizing operations with a process driven approach rather than a person driven approach. Our knowledge management framework ensures that once knowledge is transitioned to our team it stays current with regular updates.

Our knowledge management framework ensures the activities given below are performed and a centralized repository of all knowledge transitioned is maintained consisting of

  • Detailed Application /Process documentation
  • Technical details (if applicable) including architecture, libraries, coding best practices
  • Inventory of all application/process assets
  • FAQs along with common issues and resolution

Knowledge management is an ongoing process; the initial details are documented when we start the engagement and updated later as an ongoing activity. To ensure we have captured all knowledge effectively for virtual staff, we take regular feedback and sign off from all stakeholders.

Innorico’s Knowledge management framework ensures –“Knowledge once gained is retained”

Innorico brings mature pre-defined templates, tools and processes as an investment to enable all of the above activities which drives knowledge retention, a key component of successful global delivery engagements.