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We believe the transition to global delivery model requires collaborative efforts to ensure seamless integration of our virtual staff with your current team. Our approach encompasses a range of structured activities, that incorporate our proven methodologies and tools, we adapt them to deliver customized solutions and  some of the key activities we typically undertake are listed below.
  • Global delivery Induction workshop for onsite employees – This lays the foundation and sets expectations in terms of what to expect from virtual employees and how to utilize them effectively. This covers detailed induction on global delivery best practices, tools, process and methodologies.
  • Cultural workshop to bridge cultural differences in corporate culture. This workshop ensures stronger cultural and corporate understanding and drives more inclusive behaviour and ensures better collaboration among all team members working towards common organizational goals.
  • Client induction: we encourage you to leverage all the resources which you generally use to on-board any new employee, such as understanding of your products and services, organizations goals, your mission, vision and values. This provides greater ownership and drives stronger commitment from the virtual staff and they work better to achieve your organizational goals.
  • Setup Governance Model – We help setup initial governance model which consist of the activities listed below.
  • Identify activities in scope.
  • Define transition period and cut-over and various quality gates in the process.
  • Define service levels for virtual staff (if applicable).
  • Identify stakeholders, setup communication channels, tools to be used for effective communication.
  • Mutually define regular update schedules and reporting tools & templates.
  • Setup recurring meetings for ongoing oversight.
  • Define regular leadership checkpoint meetings to evaluate overall health of engagement and feedback loop.

 Innorico brings mature pre-defined templates, tools and processes as an investment to enable all of the above activities which ensures mutual success and helps our clients transform to a global delivery model.