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Be a market leader optimizing your current technology landscape and gaining efficiencies thru legacy modernization and analytics implementation leveraging virtual staffing.

Our optimize service offering focuses on optimizing current technology landscape by leveraging cutting edge technologies to improve UI, responsiveness and taking advantages of all the latest trends in technology such as cloud enablement, legacy modernization and migration to newer technologies. Optimization can also help you by turning your data into information into insight by implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions.

 Whether you are looking for implementing BI and analytics solutions or plan on improving your current legacy systems we can help by partnering with you.

Technology Focus:

  • Legacy modernization
  • BI and Analytics solutions
  • Web enablement
  • UI improvement
  • Implement data warehousing
  • Big data enablement
  • User experience design

Business process focus :

Implement automation tools to support business processes
SEO -Search engine optimization


Our delivery framework and service delivery models:

Our optimize services is supported by assessment framework, robust global delivery framework, Integrated IT-business process approach and accelerators such as pre-build solutions and reusable code library to optimize your current landscape.

For optimize services based on your initiative you can maintain project ownership and control by utilizing virtual staff or we can help to execute projects with end to end ownership.

Innorico's Optimize services provides below advantages:

  • Be a market leader and create differentiators for your organization
  • Reap benefits of all latest technologies such as big data
  • Convert data-information-insight enabling better agility on all operations
  • Improve customer engagement thru usability/user experience improvement
  • Leverage all the benefits of latest technologies without changing base layer