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Be a market leader thru automation, improve your market positioning and shorten time to market leveraging virtual staffing.

Our build service focuses on discretionary new initiatives on business process and technology side. automation can be instrumental in enabling businesses to be market leader and be a powerful differentiator while engaging in market place.

Whether you are looking for to build custom applications or run highly effective marketing campaign we can help by partnering with you. Build services focus is to leverage automation for improving operations.

Technology services:

  • Product Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • E-Commerce/Website Development
  • Mobility Application Development
  • ERP Implementation
  • 3rd Party Product Implementations

Business process services :

  • Digitization- IT automation initiatives on Business process side

Our framework & service delivery models:

Our build services is supported by robust global delivery framework, Integrated IT-business process approach and accelerators such as pre-build solutions and reusable code library for varied range of technologies, helping you build custom applications faster supporting client needs thru out end to end software development life cycle.

For build services based on your initiative you can maintain project ownership and control by utilizing virtual staff or we can help to execute projects with end to end ownership. Our flexible service delivery models enables to create virtual teams encompassing of different skill sets and on-demand capacity.

Innorico's build services provides below advantages:

  • Savings in efforts thru automation – save on person hours spent on tasks, efficiency and productivity gains
  • Improve your service level agreements and responsiveness
  • Improve quality , eliminating human-errors
  • Expand into new services, products quickly
  • Be a market leader leveraging cutting edge technologies, create differentiators