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Virtual staffing provides benefits such as accessibility to wider talent pool for hard-to-find technology/business process skills, 40 to 60 percent cost optimization, faster speed to market, better coverage for your service levels- follow the sun 24x7 support capabilities and flexibility to on-demand staff ramp up/down with minimal commitment, along with these benefits, Innorico brings several key differentiators: 

  • Dedicated onsite based account-relationship management function, our clients always have local go to person for any support
  • Mature offshoring best practices framework as an investment from our side towards long term partnership. We not only provide virtual staff but also enable whole eco-system for transformation to global delivery model.
  • Nimbleness : Our clients does not have to change any of your current processes, we integrate with your organization seamlessly in line with your current model Waterfall, KANBAN ,Agile or ITIL
  • Transparency : True to our core value of transparency, we believe in running transparent operation, including ability for our clients to interview all our candidates and visit our offshore centers.
  • Partnership approach - Close corporate and cultural inclusion based on our framework ensuring greater collaboration, where virtual staff works as an extension of your onsite team.
  • IP & Information Security : We have highest regard for your information security and IP protection in compliance with HIPPA/HITECH and other guidelines (Check out our Information Security section).
  • Scalability - From pure virtual staffing to managing end to end project ownership. Provides flexibility to engage at minimal level along with scalability based on our infrastructure to setup dedicated offshore centers for our clients in Build-Operate-Transfer model.
  • Customer Focus : We are start-up and our philosophy is to have you as client forever, highest level of executive attention and leadership commitment to client needs.