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Information security policy, procedures and guidelines:

Information security and intellectual property(IP) protection for our clients is of utmost important to us. Our information security policies are in accordance to HIPPA/HITECH and other guidelines, and we ensure by several measures given below.

  • All workstations has disabled external media access – No access to USB drives and CD ROM
  • Restricted access to external mails and internet for virtual staff
  • Activity monitoring software for virtual staff based on nature of work
  • Segregated areas for each clients with restricted access to only relevant members
  • Secure facilities with access cards to only employees to restrict unauthorized access
  • All virtual staff members work from secure workstations, which has anti virus and anti spam.
  • Day-to-day oversight from offshore leadership team
  • Mandatory training for all our virtual employees with coverage on data privacy, information security and IP protection for our clients, this ensures awareness and reiterates importance of data security for all our staff.
  • We sign NDA – Non disclosure agreement so clients sensitive details are protected from competitors

Also our preferred approach is for our clients to provide us virtual environment (remote login to client network) so none of the data or IP is moved out of clients network in the first place, virtual environment ensures that our virtual staff works in your own network similar to any onsite employees with your existing security controls in place.

Each client needs are different hence based on nature of each engagement we implement mutually agreed additional security measures as requested by clients for protection of data and IP.